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While I’m busy struggling through chapter three of Finnegans Afoot (I think I may have found the trail again), I continue to make notes for the other novels in the series. Right now my ideas for Finnegans Fogbound are coming at a welcome pace.

When I have an idea for one of the future novels, I simply write it in a file I keep for the given novel. As I write, these ideas generally seem to develop and find their place among the narrative so far achieved by the other notes. I guess it’s a type of pre-writing, but I hate all of that analysis of the writing process.

Anyway, I took a look at the word count I’ve achieved so far in the notes file for Finnegans Fogbound, and it already exceeds 8,000 words. That’s a tenth of the novel, and I haven’t even started writing it. In fact, I don’t expect to start writing it for another six months, so the notes can be expected to grow and grow.

I’m going to rename this novel since the whole fogbound device doesn’t really need to be there. I haven’t come up with a new name yet, but it will present itself. And I still like the idea of a fogbound story, so I’ll reserve the title for future use.

The initial inspiration for this story came from reading Agatha Christie’s novel Nemesis, which I did while on a trip to Oregon last June. In just over two months, this story idea has evolved considerably, going far beyond the original idea (pretty much scrapped) and yet blossoming into fullness nonetheless.

I hadn’t intended to write this story next. Finnegans Deciphered was to be the next one. (In fact, it was to be this one, but I took up Afoot instead while I worked out some plot points for Deciphered.) And now thoughts are beginning to gel for Finnegans Frightened. I can’t write fast enough.

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