More on Chapter Four

Here I am, sitting in a cheap hotel room in a very small town in western Kansas (visiting family). The place is clean and serviceable, but there’s nothing fancy about it. Except, of course, that it has free wifi, so I opened my laptop and started fooling around. Then I thought I could go to my Finnegans Afoot novel and make a little fix in the opening chapter that will establish the controlling metaphor better. The change fit and it will work nicely.

So then I decided to read through the entire first chapter. I made slight changes here and there. And then I went to Chapter Three, the one that gave me so much trouble in past weeks. I tweaked it a bit as well. And then I moved on to Chapter Four, the one that had seemed to go astray from the start. I managed to wrestle with it and get it back on the trail (it’s set on a hiking trail, so I can use that metaphor).

That’s a good thing, of course, but my point is that I didn’t expect to write a word this entire weekend of rural visiting, yet once I opened the file and started poking around, I managed to get some real work done. A happy surprise.

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