This might explain a few things

I have two agents who have asked to see sample chapters of my Finnegans Festive novel. That the good news. One agent has had the material for more than a month, though I suppose that it not so long as these things go. The other agent has had it for less than two weeks, but she wrote to me yesterday with a problem.

She could not open my Word attachment. I saved it as a PDF and sent that to her, and she could open that, so the immediate problem was resolved.

This leads me to fear, however, that none of the agents to whom I have sent sample chapters is able to open them. I don’t know this to be the case. Certainly none has written back saying so. But I worry that in the great tide of submissions these agents receive, if my submission is difficult to read, the agent may push it aside for the next in line and never get back to mine.

Most submission guidelines I have read ask for samples in Word format, but I think if I have the opportunity, I may include the PDF attachment as well.

Update: It occurred to me after I wrote this post that I have been sending short stories to magazines in Word format without problems. One of those is going to be published, so I know the editor was able to open and read the file. (He made a lot of changes to it!)

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