Taking the train

I think I finally have chapter five of Finnegans Afoot under control. I had a difficult time with chapter four, and when I got past that, I really thought I had the trouble behind me. Finding it again tells me that I will probably have a difficult slog through this novel.

I liken writing a story or a novel to taking a train trip. I know the station where I will get on. I know where the trip will end. And I know many of the stops along the way. But it is the time in between these known points that I don’t know about, and it is here that I find the most surprises (as well as the most difficulties).

My problem is that I haven’t sufficiently imagined the various scenes of this story. It hasn’t been knocking around in my mind long enough for me to have scripted or envisioned most of the moments. That means I have to come up with many of them under duress at the keyboard.

The plot of Finnegans Afoot is based on a very old idea I had. It was to be a short story, but I never wrote it, and it languished in my journal for years. It may be that I don’t have enough story to it for a full novel, but I think I’ll manage it.

In the meantime, great ideas are continuing to flood in for two other novels I will write: Finnegans Deciphered and Finnegans Fogbound (I really mean to come up with different name for that latter novel). I was to be writing Finnegans Deciphered now, but I had some plot troubles as well as some character development, um, indecision. That’s all resolved now, and the blanks are filling themselves in nicely. Ironically, I could probably be writing that novel now. I’ll stick with the one I am working on though.

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