Of shorter matters

As I continue to make progress on my novel Finnegans Afoot, I have returned to a very old short story I had fiddled with and left unfinished. They say that the ideas that just won’t go away are the best ones. I hope that is true because I will have to invest a great deal of time and creativity to this effort.

The short story is going to clock in as a novella; I don’t think I can possibly finish it under 10,000 words. There is that much story to tell and that much tone to establish and maintain. I guess you could classify it as a crime/horror story (without the supernatural angle), which is truly odd since my novels are cozy mysteries. I’m not sure that there will be a market for such a story, at least from a barely published writer with no name recognition.

Nonetheless, I think it is an excellent story that deserves all of the time and attention it will require. I’m really on fire about it. (I hope I can sustain the excitement, because it will be a long way to the finish.)

As I said, I had started the story some years ago, but it petered out without any clear resolution in my mind. Actually, it was more the idea of a set up than an entire story. What was I going to do with the nifty set up of the story? I didn’t know at the time, so the writing just stopped. Somehow, though, a resolution popped in my head recently. A perfect way to both develop the story in an interesting and psychological way and end it satisfactorily.

Now I know where I want the story to go. The hard part will be sustaining the tone. It is a first-person narration, and the narrator is a bit affected, so I’ll have to keep that up even as the story takes its odd twists and turns.

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