Chapter 7 completed

I finished chapter 7 after a flurry of writing in recent days. It’s another “conversation” chapter, but it sets up a lot of the mystery that will be resolved in the end. I also managed to squeeze in a little tone of menace that should keep the reader’s interest level up.

Maybe it’s all of the iced tea I’ve been drinking lately, but ideas for new stories have been flowing through my head lately. My old paper journal has seen a flurry of new entries as I try to get down the rudiments of these ideas. As I noted with that novella story I’m also working on, I tend to let story ideas incubate for a while before I try to write them. (I think this is why I’ve been having so much trouble with Finnegans Afoot — I started writing it before I had sufficiently imagined it.)

I’ve always found success with the cluster approach to creativity. (I had one professor in college call it the flypaper approach.) I have a few story ideas knocking about in my head, and as I see facts of everyday life, or as I overhear conversations, or as various little enlightenments come to me, I always consider how they might fit with the story ideas. Sometimes perfect fits come along that help develop a story. Sometimes if the discovery doesn’t work with one story, it will with another. Sometimes a little twist will make a discovery work. Sometimes the discovery becomes the kernel for its own story. And so on. Over time (the incubation part) enough of this accumulates and I have all of the material I need to begin writing with the goal of finishing in mind. (I will do a lot of writing just to play with the words and see what happens but without the idea that I’m working on an actual story. I believe this is called prewriting, but I am dubious about quantifying creativity.)

Which takes us a long way from the news that Chapter 7 is now finished, but shows how my mind tends to work.

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One Comment on “Chapter 7 completed”

  1. rick Says:

    Bookmarked you months ago, just dropping in to say, “Howdy.”

    Keep on keeping on. Sometimes YOUR first in a series doesn’t match the expectation of the publishing world. A friend’s second novel in a series is getting some attention from publishers. It was only then, and now in his third, that he’s truly getting a handle on the protag. Write on. Maybe the third book is really your first book.

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