Chapter 8 completed

Chapter 8 is now completed. The writing breezed along, words slipping through my fingertips and onto the screen as fast as I could go.

The chapter is intended to build tension in the story, and I think I managed to do it. The cozy, murderless mysteries I champion need to find some way other than gore and mayhem to create and sustain tension, but I think I did it.

Someone once defined evil as the ordinary acting in an un-ordinary way. That’s what I tried to achieve in this chapter. Two ordinary people, going about a completely commonplace activity, suddenly find themselves being followed. To their minds, they’ve done nothing at all to attract attention, but they find that they have, and there is a menace that grows from what shouldn’t be happening and cannot be stopped.

Of course, my two characters don’t have a clue (yet) what is going on, so they can shrug off this unexpected intrusion in their lives and go on to the next chapter without the lingering fear that the reader will realize they should have.

I’ve already done my “imagining” of the next chapter — in fact it was to have occurred two chapters before this but recent plot developments intervened — so this chapter should write itself fairly easily. I expect to have a good week.

I’ve already found that I must go back and rework some earlier chapters in order to prepare the ground for what I’ve decided must happen later in the story. This is a consequence of beginning to write this novel before it was really ready. I think I can manage it, though.

After all, writing is rewriting!

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