Chapter 9 commences

I thought I knew what this chapter was going to be about, but not so. Finnegans Afoot is set in the Missouri Ozarks, and it is ostensibly about hiking on the Ozark Trail. Most of the story does not occur on the trail, though I expected this chapter to.

Instead it’s another conversation chapter, doing more groundwork to set up some of the later reveals and otherwise provide background. I want this to be a balance to the tension I set up in the prior chapter, and I found that the sequence of subsequent chapters weren’t going to allow for the kind of conversation and information that was still needed for the story. The next chapter will be more “action oriented” as I do take my characters on the trail for an exhausting hike. That, too, will set up some tension that will have a payoff in the penultimate chapter

I sat down to begin working on it this morning, having only a general sense of what needed to happen, but I am surprised to have managed to write nearly 1500 words already. Those are, of course, first draft words, and some pruning and focusing will have to take place later. But for the most part, I think I’ve done good work so far. I’m eager to return to it.

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