The darkness gathers

This is a true story.

I stopped in my local Borders store one day in search of specific book. I didn’t see it on the shelf, so I went to the information desk. A nice young lady was there waiting to help me.

“Hello, I’m looking for Don Quixote, the Edith Grossman translation, in hardcover.”

“Wait, wait,” she said as her fingers skated over the keyboard before her. “How do you spell that?”


“And that’s the author, right?”

“No. The author is named Cervantes.”

“Wait, wait. How do you spell that?”


That seemed to give her sufficient information, and I’m sure she eventually came to realize that it was in the same part of the alphabet as Tom Clancy.

“Oh, we have several,” she said. “Follow me.”

We walked over to the fiction section I had recently scrutinized and she pulled forth one of the copies. It was not the Edith Grossman translation I was after.

“Is this what you wanted?”

“Never mind.”


Update 11SEP2013 – During my recent trip to Portland I stopped in at Powell’s Books and found the hardcover edition of the Edith Grossman translation of Don Quixote. It is annotated with some recent reader’s handwritten notes. A real find!

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One Comment on “The darkness gathers”

  1. Rick Says:

    “Ed ith Gross Man? Are you putting me on? I know Ed and he is not gross. He is a nice guy. I’m calling the manager.”

    Moral: It will get worse before the lights go out.

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