Forensics fatigue

The pendulum will swing. The day will come when readers will grow tired of heavy duty police procedurals, blood splatter patterns, and forensic science detective fiction.

This is a fine sub-genre, of course. There are many talented practitioners of this kind of fiction and many well written, successful novels in this line. But the time will come when there are too many. Readers will eventually lose their fascination.

Television is already saturated with shows of this kind. Good for them. (Though what’s with the ultra-restrained acting style so evident in CSI? Is the acting being held back so it doesn’t overshadow the science? Are they just all actors without much range?)

I understand that it is about impossible to sell a vampire detective novel anymore. That vein was mined out pretty quickly. I think the same thing will happen with forensic detectives eventually.

I wish them all well. I hope these writers ride the whirlwind as long as they can.

I just think that eventually, character-driven stories will once again gain prominence. That’s where I want to be.

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