Chapter 11 (is really chapter 12)

I have chapter 11 of Finnegans Afoot completed. It’s a comparatively short chapter, but it brings in a new character who has a key role in the plot and it gets a few other things done including a bit of foreshadowing for the end chapter (which is still at least five chapters hence).

I had decided that I needed to go back and insert a new chapter to flesh out some actions in the story that are only implied right now. This will bump the chapter numbers up by one, which is no big deal, of course, but chapter 11 will soon be chapter 12. Exciting stuff, I realize.

There were times when I felt I was barely creeping along with this novel, tripping and fumbling in the dark trying to find the light switch. (I’m pretty sure I mixed a metaphor in that sentence.) I’m past that now. I can see clearly what still needs to be written. It’s all plotted and envisioned. When I reach the end, I’ll let it all stew for a while before I go back. I did a lot of late insertions in earlier chapters in order to help develop the plot as I was coming along to understand it, so I’ll need to make sure they fit in smoothly. Some of these insertions I’m pretty sure I just crammed in as place holders, fully intending to fix them up later.

No news to report on the submission efforts. I haven’t heard from any of the agents to whom I sent partials of Finnegans Festive, nor have I gotten any response on the various short stories I’m shopping around. In my copious free time (sarcasm) I’ve managed to fine tune another of my older short stories. I fixed a key plot problem that a couple of readers said they had trouble with. Now I think it is time to start sending it around too.

Sometimes I think that getting fiction published — assuming the writing is good enough — is no more than a matter of mathematics. The greater number of submissions means the greater likelihood of getting accepted. Perseverance is the key.

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