So far Afoot

I am about two-thirds of the way through writing the first draft of Finnegans Afoot. I figured out the days of the week when each chapter happens (which I posted about needing to do back here), so now I can put in little references to the actual days of the week as I see opportunities. It isn’t really essential to the plot, but I think a reader would appreciate the “grounding” it gives the story. I think it is a bit of subtle orientation the reader might not even be consciously aware of but would appreciate nonetheless. There’s certainly a lot more to writing than merely getting the plot down on paper.

This is only first draft stuff, and it is not even completed, but the word count is low. If I continue to write chapters of approximately the same length (about 3,500 words), I won’t have reached the low-end definition of a novel (70,000+ words) before I finish telling my story.

I do need to go back to the earlier chapters and smooth out some inserts I’ve made. As I evolved the story in my head, I realized I needed to lay groundwork for new developments that were coming. So I wedged in the early references, making them fit as well as I could. When I go back for a comprehensive read through, I’ll be able to do a bit more smoothing work, which will likely add to the word count.

But even that won’t be sufficient. I don’t want to put padding in. I’ll see what I come up with after the read through, but I suspect I’ll have to come up with more story for my story. I’ll have to add something substantive, and right now, I don’t know what that will be.

I can let that stew though. I’m shopping around Finnegans Festive, and I think the earlier novel, Finnegans Awake, could go out. So that marketing work would keep me busy. Plus I have the lumbering monster I call The Sleep of Reason clamoring for attention, and I am pretty sure the next actual novel I write will be that one. It’s unlike the Finnegan novels. It’s not even a mystery, but I think it is a very good story idea, and I’m eager to get to serious work on it.

I have actually written more than 10,000 words of it, and I have another 8,000 words of notes for it. It’s gestating nicely. The first chapter comes to more than 8,000 words, which is huge by my standards, but anything less than that wouldn’t really get the story going, and what is included really does get the story roaring.

Then there is this new short story idea I have that I mentioned in an earlier post. Ideas for how to develop that are coming in pleasingly.

Thus I have plenty of writing work to keep me busy.

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