Chapter 12

Time for my weekly progress report, I guess.

I finished Chapter 12 of Finnegans Afoot. It’s where I turn up the tension level a bit as we approach the crisis a couple chapters hence. The chapter is a little lean, but I expect that with a first draft. Some of the ideas in it will flesh themselves out more as I ponder it all and how it relates to the rest of the story.

The way I currently envision it, I still have four more chapters to go; plus I have a chapter to squeeze into the narrative already written. As I suppose is the case with most writers, I’ve been imagining these final chapters for so long that it will be a relief just to get them written.

Then the whole novel will get a quick read through as I try to polish some of the retroactive inserts I made to the earlier part and do more prep work for later developments in the story. This novel has evolved more disjointedly than the others I have written. I think I noted that I started writing this one too soon. I hadn’t fully imagined the story. Thus a lot of plot, tone, and even character ideas have come to me late in the process, and I’ve had to jigger the story to get them to fit.

After that, I think I’ll put the story to rest for a while as I focus on something else (Sleep of Reason, of course). I can come back to it with a fresh eye after that and probably bring a good critical eye.

I guess everyone has a unique creative process. I just hope this one isn’t mine. I’d much rather have the whole narrative in mind, with all of the characters clearly envisioned and the various plot points sufficiently developed, before I begin to write.

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