Keeping Afoot

I made the rip-roaring start on Chapter 13 as I had hoped to this morning, writing about 1300 first-draft words. That gets the chapter going, and I have a clear view of where it should go from here. An interesting character revelation. A new resolve in another character.

I’d been making a lot of notes lately for earlier chapters in Finnegans Afoot, and I spent some time adding those to what I’ve already written. It’s all good, of course, and it advances the story progress, but I’m glad I also got to make a major step made into the final story sequence, where the narrative moves into the crisis.

I also have some notes to earlier works (Finnegans Awake and Finnegans Festive) that I spent some time fooling around with. That makes Awake now “ready” for submitting to agents, adding a couple of hundred words to its slim count. I’ve tinkered some more with the pitch for that story, so maybe I’ll scrape together the fortitude to start actually sending out some queries.

In other news, I received a rejection for a Finnegans Festive query I’d sent about two weeks ago. Although the agent’s citation said she was accepting new writers, her response said that the agency has stopped taking them so they can concentrate on their current stable of authors. I suppose what I got was a form letter, but at least I got that much. There are probably a half dozen agents who have never responded to my queries at all after six months.

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One Comment on “Keeping Afoot

  1. Sophie Says:

    Good heavens, and I thought it was only me. I have noticed a non-response trend. In my first round of queries the non-response rate was around 7%. This round it stands at 36% — and these are snail mail queries (I don’t keep track on e-queries, because so many agents tell you up front they won’t respond unless interested). People must be getting ruder. Best of luck.

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