It happened again!

I was sitting at my desk yesterday, working for the man, and an idea popped into my head for a completely new Finnegans novel. I quickly grabbed the notepad I keep nearby for these moments and begin scribbling down the idea.

It just kept blossoming. All through the day I was grabbing the notepad to get more of the thoughts down on paper. By the end of the day I had more than a thousand words of first day notes for a completely new novel. I now know with certainty the first sentence and the last sentence of the eventual novel (he said, tentatively).

It will also be a very different Finnegans novel. The characters will be the same. The setting will be the same. The murderless nature of the mystery will be the same. But it will all be profoundly different, too.

I’m grateful for these moments of epiphany, and I attribute them in part to liberal applications of iced tea in the morning. (Also, I’ve come to know my characters and motifs so well that I can easily set the players in motion based on the slightest premise. I simply have to sit back and watch. And take rapid notes.)

I wish, though, that I could get some of the existing projects finished before these new ones come charging in.

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