A raisin mystery

Maybe I should just stop listening to audio mysteries. I don’t think I’ve heard a single one I’ve liked (or at least haven’t found lots of fault with). Over the last weekend I listened to Love, Lies and Liquor by M.C. Beaton. Beaton is probably better known for her Hamish MacBeth mysteries, but this one involved her Agatha Raisin character.

Agatha Raisin runs a successful private detective agency in Great Britain. She has a staff of about five, so she must be doing well if she can meet that kind of payroll. You’d expect a character of that calibre to be smarter than Beaton depicts her. Example: even though she has just received an unambiguous, written death threat, she agrees to go on a date far in the countryside with a man she meets only moments later. Of course he intends to kill her. Or course he is thwarted.

The mystery is solved in my least favorite way: a purely unmotivated confession by the killer, and a true deus ex machina moment wraps it all up. A mostly unnecessary epilogue puts all of the surviving characters’ lives in order too neatly. All along the way, though, there are relationship complications that are supposed to make Agatha look like a sexually desirable and complex woman, but I think it mostly makes her look like a dolt.

I will likely take up more of Beaton’s Hamish MacBeth mysteries, but I think I’ll leave Agatha Raisin to get along without me.

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