Chapter 13 is finished

I don’t know why I had so much trouble earlier finishing this chapter of the Finnegans Afoot story. I guess I needed to let it incubate a little longer in my head because when I sat down to work on it this morning, the material just flowed onto the page (well, onto the screen). As I’ve noted before, I’m certain I began writing this story prematurely, and I suspect that manifested itself in my struggles with this chapter. But each step I take on this trail (hiking being the activity in the novel), the easier it gets.

Though there is little action in this chapter, it has some important work to do. Mostly it is set up for the dash to the climax coming in the next few chapters. But it also must do some character development work. I needed to make a serious revelation about a certain character, and I needed that to cause another character to change her motivation. But the revelation had to come casually, during easy conversation between two of the women in the story. Even so, it had to cause a complete rethinking by one character about another.

This revelation (am I being too coy about it?) came to me late in the imagining of the novel. It isn’t really key to the plot development, but it is to character development, and I’m glad it came to me. Nonetheless, I’ll have to go back to the earlier chapters and sow the seeds for this matter so it doesn’t seem contrived when it finally arrives. That shouldn’t be a problem. The hints for it will be overlooked by the other characters, even by Ann Finnegan, my sleuth, so I think they can be slipped in easily since no one will understand their importance at the time.

So as I envision the story now, I have four more chapters to write (plus the chapter I need to squeeze in for earlier in the story). Is that months of work or weeks? I wish I knew. I have so much more I want to write and so little time for doing it.

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