Chapter 14 begins

With that insertion chapter 8.5 behind me, I was able to get back on the trail of the story. (Hiking is the activity in the novel.) I already have an excellent start on Chapter 14. As I hoped, it is writing itself. I have more than 2,000 words down, and it won’t take much more to complete the chapter. Let me restate that. It won’t take much effort to complete the chapter, but I expect that at least another thousand words will contribute themselves to the cause.

This is an important chapter (aren’t they all in their way?) because a part of the mystery is revealed. My plan all along was to have one of my two sleuths figure out part of the solution and the other to figure out the other part. Ann will know the “who” of it all; Greg will know the “what” of it all. If they can get together to share what they know the mystery will be solved. Alas, forces prevent this from happening.

Tension has racheted up significantly by this point in the story, and now suspense gets added. By the end of Chapter 14, the reader will have serious concerns about the fate of one of the protagonists. And because I am devilsh about it, the next two chapters will head off in a different direction, leaving the reader with unresolved concerns for the time: suspense.

I had serious doubts about this novel for a long time. I was certain that the word count would be too low, but that’s already resolved itself with at least three more chapters to come. And I worried that the story just wasn’t any good, but now that I’m in the climax section, those worries have gone away.

It’s still rough, but I’m much more confident about it. I’ll give it a read through when I’m finished to smooth the rough spots as well as I can, then I’ll let it sit for a month or so. There’s plenty of other writing to be done will I let this novel incubate.

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