Here and there and everywhere

Normally, I’m very compulsive about writing in proper sequence. I don’t try to write a scene until I have written the scene before it (all of the scenes before it). I would never start a new novel until I had finished a current novel–or given it up as hopeless. (You may recall that I have written several chapters of a new novel I’ve called The Sleep of Reason while in the middle of Finnegans Afoot. I can justify that by noting that The Sleep of Reason began as a short story and then became a novella. Once I realized it was a full blown novel, I set it aside until I have Finnegans Afoot finished.)

So I am surprised as you are to find that I’ve nearly finished Chapter Fifteen of Finnegans Afoot long before I’ve finished Chapter Fourteen. These are high tension chapters, and they are just flowing from my fingertips. In the last four days I’ve written more than 5,000 words, which is an astonishing pace for me.

My two sleuths are attending business in different parts of the story universe, and each is facing a crisis/revelation moment. All I have to do is stay out of their way and let the action unfold. So I guess it’s not surprising that I could be writing two chapters at the same time. The action in each is independent of the other, so I don’t really need to see how one plays out before I can begin the other.

This high-speed writing phenomenon is something I have seen in the other novels I have written (the two other Finnegan novels and a pair of young adult novels I wrote years ago). It comes as I approach the end of the story. I guess I have imagined this part of the story so long that I know just how to write it. Or maybe I’m so sick of the story that I motivate myself to get it finished. (Honestly, I don’t feel sick of this story.)

In any case, I can see the goal line, and it feels good to be sprinting toward it.

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