End of the trail — almost

I’m astonished at how much progress I have made this week on Finnegans Afoot. Two chapters just fell into place. I have only to finish up one chapter, and then on to the hard one: the last chapter. That’s going to be tough because it brings in an entirely new character — one who has appeared throughout the novel in memory and consideration — and I must wrap up the mystery, almost all by inference.

I’ve concluded that I’ve managed to have such swift success with these recent chapters because I’ve been envisioning them for so long. The final chapter, though, is one that must be done right, and I expect I will be self censoring and second guessing every word. In other words, it may not flow as easily.

Then a read through to smooth the obvious rough spots. After that, I’ll put it aside to simmer.

What next. Do I take a break or jump right into The Sleep of Reason? That story is so different from my Finnegan stories that it might be nice to take a mental break. I could perhaps work on a couple of short stories that have been knocking about in my brain. Stay tuned.

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