Afoot finished

Yahoo! as they say. I finished the first draft of Finnegans Afoot this morning. The last chapter comes in at just over two thousand words, which is a little lean for regular chapters but fine for a wrap up.

I had started out this moring intending to work on a short story that has been occupying my imagination lately, but I thought I should first visit Afoot and see if any stray thoughts might contribute themselves to the last chapter that was waiting to be finished. As is generally the case with my writing efforts, when I get myself into something I find that I have plenty to write, and I kept going until I was finished with the chapter.

As I’ve noted a few times, this novel was more of a struggle than the others I have written. I attribute that to the insufficient imagining I had done with it. I had intended to begin Finnegans Deciphered originally, but I considered that the plot had too many similarities to Finnegans Festive, which I had just finished. So I set that novel aside and got going on Afoot. Unfortunately, I hadn’t conceived all of the scenes and actions as fully as I should have before I started working on it, so I had to struggle in many places.

This probably explains why the total word count is a bit short of the recommended 70,000 for a typical mystery novel. I intend to let the novel ferment for a week or so then give it a read through, looking for places where I need to smooth some rough insertions and supplement some incomplete ones. I expect to boost the word count a bit by this work, but unless I add some subplot, I won’t be adding a lot more words.

Even so, I’ve grown to like this story a lot more over time. Maybe it’s the euphoria of having it finished that makes me feel this way, but I really do think it is a good and worthwhile effort after all.

So Afoot is in the bag. I’ll probably concentrate on the short story I mentioned, which, coincidentally is set in the very same place as Afoot though with completely different characters and a completely unrelated plot. Then I think it’s time to get working on The Sleep of Reason.

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