Sleep proceeds

I am delighted to find that I’ve made good early progress on my novel The Sleep of Reason. I’ve managed to write nearly two thousand words in the last couple of days. I’m in the midst of chapter two, and I’ve generally found this part of the story to be one of the roughest for making progress as I feel my way along. (The other being the doldrum passages just before the build up to the climax.)

As I noted in an earlier post, I’m trying to do a bit more outlining work with this novel than I have with others I have written. I’m not sure anyone would call it conventional outlining. It’s more like writing down in sequence major plot points. But I also spent some time earlier in the week writing down what I wanted chapter two to achieve, keeping in mind the foreshadowing and other set up work as well as the needed development of the protagonist’s state of mind. I was especially pleased with the result. I go into writing a given passage knowing in a general way what it is I want to do, and then I simply wing it as my fingers stumble across the keyboard. But in this case I did that work in advance, and in writing. It allowed me to do much of the pondering before the writing, which in turn allowed me to spend more of my writing session actually writing rather than imagining.

The first chapter of this novel is around 8,000 words, which is more than double the amount I strive for in the Finnegan novels. I didn’t set out to write a more lengthy chapter. It was merely what the story called for. With the addition of the 3,000 words already written for chapter two, I stand at 11,000+ words, and I’ve barely begun the story. I may need to trim some of that first chapter as the novel grows, though I think I can actually transfer some of the points there to later chapters.

Just like my mystery novels that aren’t really mysteries, this novel is not really a good fit in a particular genre. I don’t think it is horror since it doesn’t involve any supernatural. Nor does it qualify as suspense in the commonly understood meaning of the word (though the story is full of suspense). It isn’t literature, though it has pretensions in that direction. I suppose it is a psychological drama or something like that.

Whatever. I’m writing the story that I have. I think it is a good story, and I hope I am talented enough to write it the way it deserves.

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