Chapter Four begins

I’ve had a great start with chapter four of The Sleep of Reason. I managed to write more than four thousand words in my first session with it, and that only covers about a third of what I hope to accomplish in the chapter.

My pre-writing approach continues to delight me. I had sketched the chapter thus far and then wrote from that. I’ve found that this allows me to do the “imagining” work in advance, which can be time consuming and frustrating, so it is best done outside of my actual writing sessions. This pre-writing also benefits from the kind of clustering of ideas and cross pollination that only time can allow. So I make my notes and then begin the actual writing when they are clear to me. At times it feels as though my fingers can’t keep up with the writing that flows.

The chapter maintains the tone of the story established thus far. There is a feeling of unease to it, and it is about to venture into true creepiness. As I’ve said a few times, there is nothing supernatural involved in my story, but that still leaves plenty of opportunity for creepiness. In a way it is a better kind of creepiness because it really could happen.

The three Finnegan novels I have written were hard work. This story is almost writing itself. I’m taking that as an indication that the apprenticeship is over and the masterwork has begun.

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