Chapter four put to bed

I have chapter four of The Sleep of Reason finished in first draft. The writing went really well, though I’m certain I will need to revisit it to punch up the creepiness factor. I had intended the tone to be stronger than it currently is, but all of that will come to me, especially as I develop the subsequent chapters and see what kind of preparation or foreshadowing I need.

Chapter four came in at just over six thousand words. It is actually shorter than I had expected, but it does everything I intended. The tonal improvements will easily add a couple of hundred words, but unless I make some profound structural change to the story or find the need to insert a lengthy set up for a later development in the plot, I expect that this is about the size the chapter will remain.

I was discussing my writing efforts the other evening with a friend who also has dabbled in the art. He asked how the novel is coming along, and I told him I think this is the novel I was born to write. I realize that is a silly cliche, but there is something about the storyline and the ease with which the words are flowing that tells me this novel is very different from the others I have written before. I’ve only completed four chapters, which I gauge to be about a quarter of the novel at most, yet I’m composing query letters in my head already. I feel a different, deeper level of confidence with this writing, and I hope it’s a new plateau that I can stay on. I’m sure I’ll let you know.

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