Back on the trail

I’ve let my third Finnegans mystery novel, Finnegans Afoot, lie fallow for a couple of months. I had finished the first draft back then and decided to walk away from it to get some creative distance. I’ve had a few ideas for enhancing this or developing that. I’ve made some notes and tinkered with sections here and there. What they call “pencil work” in the writing trade. For the most part, though, I’ve let myself get immersed in The Sleep of Reason. That’s coming along nicely, as I’ve annoyed you about in several recent posts. In fact, I think the intensity of my involvement with Sleep has made me something of a stranger to Finnegans Afoot, which is a good thing.

But I’m beginning to think that the time is approaching to return to Finnegans Afoot for a serious read through and polish. Thus along with everything else, I’ll probably start tackling a chapter a night of that novel.

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