Chapter Five is put to bed

(Since no one objected to that metaphor the last time I used it, I use it again.)

I finished Chapter Five of The Sleep of Reason yesterday. It’s more of a transitional chapter than one of action, but it serves various parts of the plot and sets ups many things coming down the road. In first draft it uses only 4,000 words of our language (many of them more than once!), but I expect that to grow a bit as the story develops and I find the need to slip things in here or there for later purposes. I’m already seeing that happen in the earlier chapters I have written.

I’m not bothering myself with the size of the chapters. I’m just writing what the story calls for. As a result, I have one chapter that is more than 11,000 words and this latest one is only 4,000. I think I noted in an earlier post that I may go back and chop the longer chapters into two pieces just to make them more consistent across the story, but I’m not worrying too much about that right now.

Chapter Six gets back to the core of the story. More weirdness on display, almost literally in this case. I’ll do some pencil work on the earlier chapters as I let ideas for Chapter Six coalesce. The prewriting techinque of creating a synopsis for each chapter as I approach it continues to prove fruitful, and I’m grateful for that.

How’s your writing coming along?

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