Chapter Six coming along

I’ve found some writing time (finally) and have made great headway on Chapter Six of The Sleep of Reason. After nearly two weeks of missed opportunities, I’ve had the chance in recent days to write, and I’ve put it to great use. The synopsis pre-writing approach I’ve been using has continued to pay off.

I’d say I’m more than two-thirds of the way through a first draft of this chapter. I’ve written nearly 6,000 words, which means its going to come in about the same size as the other chapters. I don’t set out to achieve or stop at a given word count for each chapter. I simply write what is required. That the chapter word counts are similar is purely coincidental (and if I gave it all closer scrutiny, I’d probably find that they aren’t all that close anyway).

This is a more fast paced chapter. It’s the payoff for what had been building over the last few chapters, and it’s the set up for most of what is still to come. A great deal happens in this chapter, but I don’t linger over much of it. First of all, there’s so much to be said. Second, we’ve seen it all in a different form already in Chapter One, so I don’t need to cover that same ground too much here.

The protagonist is already in way over his head, but he’s not aware of it yet. It will take him a while.

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