Chapter Six is put to bed

After a week or so longer than it should have taken, I finally have Chapter Six of The Sleep of Reason completed in first draft. It’s a busy chapter, but it is also pivotal. The protagonist undergoes a significant transition at this point in the story. I’ll probably need to go back to the closing paragraphs of the chapter to polish this bit of character development, but that will have to come after the white-hot frenzy of composition cools a bit and I can look on my words dispassionately.

I have found that early chapters of my novels are the most difficult to write, at least in terms of creating and sustaining momentum. I suppose that makes sense. I am feeling my way along, not sure of how the tale will develop, even less sure of my humble skills to write it. But by this point, the momentum has been achieved, the confidence and the vision are securely in place. The story is taking on a life of its own, so to speak, and my job is to keep up with it. Having a few weeks where writing opportunities were scare, therefore, was quite a frustrating time for me. I think that is over now.

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