Chapter 7 of Sleep

Chapter Seven of The Sleep of Reason is a transitional chapter. All of the mechanics of the story have been laid down in the preceding chapters. From this point I am simply telling the tale within the framework that is established. My protagonist, the poor, deluded fool, believes he is reborn, and it is the job of this chapter to show him taking his first confident but misguided steps toward his doom.

I will use this chapter to fill in some backstory as well as to set up some foreshadowing. Several characters get more development though no one but the protagonist comes into clear focus. That is the nature of the story. Nothing is what it seems and no one can be known well (nor would you want to know them well).

I’m trying something in this chapter. I am hinting at some goings-on outside the needs of the plot. I don’t come outright and say what is happening, nor do I ever intend to, but a careful reader could put the pieces together. I’m not sure if this will prove frustrating for the reader or not. So much commercial fiction (and film) seems required to spell it all out for the reader, leaving no unresolved issues when the tale ends. That seems too linear, too literal. It is as though the reader need not bring anything to the story. He can just sit back and have the whole thing poured into him. No interpretation is necessary and none is desired. That seems like a waste of a opportunity to me.

I have a good start on the chapter. A thousand words of atmosphere and tone. I’ve found, though, that now I must make a thorough review of my notes for the whole novel in order to ensure that subsequent events transpire in the proper sequence. The set up stage is over; time for the crisis to come.

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