Chapter 7 put to bed

Finally, after much longer than I had expected, I have finished Chapter Seven of The Sleep of Reason. It is an important chapter, a sort of linchpin for the whole story. It explains a lot of back story and does a huge amount of foreshadowing (which I hope I have done subtly), so it was worth taking the time to do right.

Except I’m not sure I have. It’s only first draft work, and the end lapses more into dialogue than I wanted. Still, it gives me ample opportunity for when the rewriting comes. The chapter is so important to the outcome of the story that as I embark on that part, I will likely see the need for the placement in Chapter Seven of this or that detail to prepare the ground.

Now I set my eyes on the next chapter. It will cover some familiar ground, but that will be used to introduce more darkness in the story. Things are not as they seem to the protagonist, but he is still too dimwitted to see it.

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