Troubled Sleep

I’ve had a hard drive crash, and most of my novel, The Sleep of Reason, is currently trapped within it. I continue to make notes and work on the synopsis of the next chapter, but the last back up I did was — shamefully — about two chapters ago.

The computer is currently in the hospital, hoping to get its memory restored. I’m told there is a very good prognosis. Then I’ll get a new hard drive installed. Then I will try to find my way back into the writing routine that has been thoroughly upset in the last week. I just hope I don’t have to reconstruct those two chapters.

Of course the lesson learned is to make back ups regularly. I’m already looking into automated back up systems including a wireless device that will check for any changes to specified files and back them up daily for me. There are also some internet sites that will sell storage space for files (much like the photo sharing sites like Flickr). Has anyone used any of these? Are they easy to use? Reliable?

Update: I learned that the hard drive is utterly lost. Nothing can be recovered. I looked at my back up of the novel and found that it is not as grim as I had imagined, though I will probably need to rewrite at least one chapter (that important linchpin chapter I wrote about in an earlier post). In a way this is liberating, and I’ll have to ponder the implications.

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2 Comments on “Troubled Sleep

  1. May Says:

    This computer accident would have caused terrible grief and a stop in many’s writing activity. You, instead, look at the future with even more enthusiasm. Either you’re a very optimistic person by nature or you’re very young…

  2. paullamb Says:

    May – I’m not young, and I’ve never considered myself very optimistic (though embarking on a year+ task of writing a novel does require a certain level of optimism). I really do have enthusiasm for the story I’m writing and I want to see it through. Thanks for stopping by.

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