Beacons of Tomorrow

The Beacons of Tomorrow Anthology of Science Fiction and Fantasy Second Collection was issued recently, and my short story “Race to the Summit” was included.

I’m proud of my little story. It leans more toward the fantasy end of the spectrum — maybe a little bit of magical realism — rather than the science fiction end, and it’s a love story of a sort, which is not something I write a great deal of. It’s an older story that I had shopped around unsuccessfully for a while and had pretty much set aside. Then I saw a solicitation from Tyrannosaurs Press, which publishes the anthology, and I sent the story in, almost on a whim.

That was nearly two years ago. The editor accepted the work, and we corresponded as we got the draft in the shape he thought best presented the story I had to tell. While I didn’t always agree with his ideas, I understood why he suggested them and how he could see that they would make the story stronger.

This isn’t the first anthology I’ve been in, but it is the first fiction anthology for me, which is a bit of a big deal.

Maybe you’ll see me on a bookshelf somewhere. Enjoy!


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