Chapter 8 is finished

. . . and I give a heavy sigh of relief!

Finally I am finished with the rewrite of the lost material — lost due to my stupid, stupid negligence in making backups of my files. Ouch, that was a hard-learned lesson!

I think I have successfully re-created all of the plot points that needed to occur in this important, pivotal chapter. What had come before in the story is prologue; the real tale can now begin.

I realize that using word count to judge the completeness of a chapter is mostly false — the story is what the story is, regardless of word count — but if I remember correctly, then the new chapter comes in at about the same word count as the original. I expect to expand that in the revisits.

Regardless, the replacement chapter stands on its own, and while it is only a first draft, I think it does its job well. The most important work, setting my protagonist on his own fateful journey, has now begun. Everything I write from this point on is his own tale. There is no more prologue. It’s a little unconventional to take half of a novel to get the introductory work done, but as I’ve noted in other posts, I write the story that I have, not one that I have rigged to fit the conventions of the genre. And anyway, not all of the “prologue” is really that. The character is telling his own tale all along, he just didn’t realize what was happening in those early chapters. I wish I could be less vague about this, but I feel as though I’ve already said too much in earlier posts.

So now I can begin the much more satisfying work of writing fresh material. The next couple of chapters promise to be a lot of fun to write (in the grim, doomed tone of the novel, of course). I sure would like to make a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan as research, but that’s not going to happen. (Maybe for the rewrite, he tells himself.)

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