Chapter 9 is off to a good start

Chapter 9 of The Sleep of Reason is off to a good start. This one, as you’ll recall from my recent posts, was where I had left off last summer just before my hard drive crashed and I lost the two preceding chapters I had written. I’ve managed — finally — to get those lost chapters rewritten, so now I’m embarking on fresh territory in the telling. It’s refreshing, let me tell you.

Much of this chapter repeats the mechanics of Chapter 3, though this time I have a different cast of characters (well, except for two), and the stakes are much higher, though the poor protagonist doesn’t recognize it. I have more than 2,000 words written in first draft, and unless I decide to split this into two chapters, it promises to be a lengthy one.

I’ll fuss about chapter size later. Right now I’m happy to be back to the urgent business of getting the first draft of the story down in writing.

Like a Thomas Hardy novel, my plot hinges on a few bits of serendipity, and I’ve decided to mute that some. It’s a given that when you read a novel, you have to buy into the mythos that is offered if you want to appreciate the story. (And, of course, it’s the choice of the reader to buy in or not.) Thus the occurrence of a few handy coincidences in the plot is not altogether unreasonable, but I’m trying to make them seem more acceptable, less unlikely, so they don’t cause the reader to throw the book across the room. You’ll have to tell me how well I do that.

Update: My story behind the story will resolve a lot of this serendipity concern.

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One Comment on “Chapter 9 is off to a good start”

  1. Like you, I’m never quite sure about length of a chapter. I know it sure have a cliff-hanger, which would make the reader read on but that doesn’t mean that it sure be long or short.

    I have broken up a chapter if it is too long, but again if you need to keep an eye on book length then sometimes its a good thing just to delete a chapter all together.

    Good luck with your writing,

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