Chapter 9 is completed

Wow! Hope this heralds the kind of progress I can expect on future chapters of The Sleep of Reason. Chapter 9, begun just last week, is now completed in first draft. It’s come in at 5,200 words, which is a little lean but not unacceptable. I expect to increase that by a few percentage points in rewrites and revisits. Even so, the chapter does everything I needed it to do.

As I considered in my last post, I’ve decided to split this into two chapters. The part of it I have left to write is significant, mostly in setting though also in psychology and even in that effort I’m undertaking to make some of the “coincidences” seem less incredible. So that part has plenty of work to do on its own and didn’t need to be tacked onto the end of Chapter 9.

As written, Chapter 9 does its fair share of the heavy lifting. I’ve introduce a raft of new characters for the middle part of the story and set the stage for a few later developments. I’ve got them tucked in all over the place in this chapter, and as always there’s plenty of set up, set up, set up.

I suspect the reason this chapter wrote itself was because I have been anticipating working on it, working on something fresh for so long. The creative river is flowing again (excuse the overworked metaphor?) and I was eager to get the words down. Once again, time will prove whether or not they are good words, but at least they’re down.

My technique of writing a synopsis for the next chapter I will work on continues to prove helpful. I have more than a thousand words written as the synopsis of Chapter 10. That’s a fine framework, and I’m eager to start work on that too.

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