Chapter 10 is roaring

I’ve made surprising progress on Chapter 10 of The Sleep of Reason. So far I’ve written more than 2,800 words, and I feel as though I have covered the bulk of the story narrative that needs to fit in the chapter. I’ll probably manage to provide another 500 or so words to finish things, and then I’ll have the shortest chapter I’ve written thus far completed. I’ve decided, based in part on some comments left on this blog, to stop paying attention to chapter word count and just let the story develop as it does. These are, after all, only first draft words, so any count is premature for the chapter.

It’s a fun one to write. Vanity. Flattery. Seduction. Set in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. (I’ve been there before, but I sure would like to go there again — for research purposes, of course.) My protagonist has really fallen into his role in the story, and he doesn’t realize it yet, but he’s rehearsing for a major event to come at the end of the novel.

This chapter has moved along so swiftly that I find I haven’t even begun the synopsis work on the next chapter. I thought I had more time for that, but I’m sure I’ll manage. I know what must come next; it’s only a matter of working out the details. Oh, and writing it.

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