Some asides

If you’ve read some of my earliest posts here, you may recall seeing regular updates on my efforts to get representation for two of my Finnegan cozy mystery novels as well as the submission efforts for some of my short stories. I’ve haven’t give any updates on those efforts recently because I haven’t been shopping them around.

The novel I am currently working on, The Sleep of Reason, is so radically different from those other novels that I’m not sure what direction I should take. I certainly want to focus myself on writing and completing the current novel. The Finnegan novels, while I am proud of them, are not representative of what I’m writing right now. (I plan to return to those novels when this one is finished in first draft.) If through some miracle I did manage to get an agent for those, I’m not sure if their precedent would benefit this very different, newer novel of mine.

Actually, I don’t know what I’m going to do about marketing those. I really do just want to focus on getting The Sleep of Reason in the can. I’ve guesstimated that I’ve just passed the halfway point, so there’s plenty of work yet to do. Then I can think about what I’ll do next. So no updates for a while.

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