Chapter 11 is off to a great start

I really didn’t anticipate that by now I would have much of a start on Chapter 11 of The Sleep of Reason. Chiefly, this would have been because I haven’t yet written an indepth scenario for the chapter as I have for the others by this point. But I am amazed at how well the writing has been going since I got past re-writing those two lost chapters. I already have more than three thousand words down for Chapter 11, and I know what’s left to be written to finish it.

I’m benefiting in part from the chapter covering much the same ground as two earlier chapters in the story — certain events get repeated as a sort of ritual for the characters — and by the organic development phase I seem to be in. But I think I’m also gaining simply by the fact that I’m enjoying writing fresh material again. Those two chapter re-writes were a real slog, and now that I’m past them I’m just zipping along. I hope I can sustain this pace and writing euphoria through the final chapter. As I envision the story right now, there are at least five more chapters, and I’ve found that I always write more than I expect since new bits of the story “reveal themselves” to me as I go along.

In any case, things are moving and I couldn’t be happier.

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