Chapter 11 is complete

Sorry I’ve been away from the blog for so long. I’ve been suffering with a head cold that is only now releasing me from its vile grip. As is often the case for me, this release may be only temporary, and I may become a coughing, hacking beast just in time for the various holidays.

But on to better news.

Chapter 11 of The Sleep of Reason is now complete in first draft. The word count — that item I have vowed is not important at this stage — is acceptably healthy (5,300 words). The plot development continues nicely, just as I need it to at this point. My protagonist is beginning to have some misgivings about the situation he is in, but his pride and his responsibilities will mask the awful facts from him for a couple more chapters.

As I noted with the last two chapters, this one was quickly and easily written. I’m not complaining and I’m not questioning why. But it does leave me ready to start the next chapter before I have written much in the way of the synopsis that has helped me so much lately. I should always have such troubles, right?

What had been set up to this point is now beginning its payoff phase both in plot and character development. The plot, such as it is, is strange and compelling, but this story is really about character development and my protagonist’s realization about himself (and what he chooses to do about it).

Also, in case you were worrying, I am keeping regular back ups of my work, in triplicate. I may have to learn some lessons the hard way, but when I do, I learn them well.

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