Out of the habit, only temporarily

With the holidays and family and guests coming and going, my writing routine has been significantly upset. I had anticipated this, though, and decided to use the time to give a thorough read through of what I’ve written so far of The Sleep of Reason. As I was conceiving and writing  my chapters, many fresh ideas had come up, and these needed set up in earlier, already completed chapters, so that’s what I’m devoting myself to right now.

It’s important and essential work, but I’ll be glad to get back in the routine again in a few days.

My feverish brain is already working on Chapter 12, and I’m collecting my thoughts into the synopsis pre-writing that has benefitted me so much with this novel-writing effort. I continue to be pleased with how nicely this synopsis work blossoms. As a solution presents itself to some plot or characterization problem, I watch as that mysterious creative part of me finds ways to weave it into the story already written and see the implications of it for the story to come. I think in a week or so, I should be ready to throw myself into the actual writing of the next chapter, and by then the interruptions of the season will be over and I’ll be back into the writing routine. There are still a half dozen chapters to write to finish the story, but I feel as though I’m in the home stretch now. Gratifying!

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