Talking in my sleep

The notes file I keep for The Sleep of Reason has now exceeded 30,000 words. That’s a third of a standard commercial novel, just in notes. I’ve not paid attention to the total word count of the novel-in-progress lately, but I hope the copious word count of the notes file suggests that I’ll have no trouble reaching that commercial minimum. (Actually, I never had any doubt that I would.)

Granted, most of these notes have already been incorporated into chapters of the novel already written, but I keep making fresh notes to add to the file, so there is still plenty of material yet to work with. And there is still plenty of the story yet to be written. I’m coming into the payoff section now. Well, the crisis section anyway. Should be a wild ride for a few chapters.

I’ve begun work on Chapter 12 today. We’ll see how it goes. As I currently envision it, there are four distinct settings in the chapter, only two of which the reader has seen already. I’m not sure I should cram all of that transition into a single chapter. You can be sure I’ll let you know how it progresses.

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