Chapter 12 starts slowly

I’ve made a slow start on Chapter 12 of The Sleep of Reason. The only way I can account for this is to say that the irregular writing schedule I maintained over the various holidays has broken my momentum.

I have managed to get down more than eight hundred words in the new chapter. That much is a decent start, though I’d expect to have three times that by now if I were still in my writing frenzy mode. I hope it comes back to me. This one is another transitional chapter, and as I envision it now, there are four important scenes to be contained in it. I may find that this is just too much to cram into one chapter; maybe that’s bugging me too.

Another possible reason for my distraction is that I am nearing the big climax and resolution chapters. The closer I get to that stuff, the more it occupies my thoughts, apparently at the cost of thinking about the chapter before me.

And since I’m babbling away about the range of my thoughts, I’ve noticed lately that I’m giving a lot of mental attention to the next Finnegans novel I’m intending to write. Little plot ideas keep popping into my head, and I scribble them down so I don’t lose them. I suspect that some part of my brain realizes that The Sleep of Reason is well enough imagined and now the resources can be shifted to Finnegans Deciphered.

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