Chapter 12 moves along

In the last week, I am pleased to report, I’ve made good progress on Chapter 12 of The Sleep of Reason. I’ve managed to get down nearly 3,000 words, and I think they’re good words. This puts me three-quarters of the way through the chapter, and I think it gets me past the hard part that had me frustrated for a while.

As I think I mentioned in an earlier post, my protagonist has taken a step onto the slippery slope. There’s still plenty of story to tell, but the events are going to unfold more quickly and more fatefully now.

I hope this means that the writing will come more easily. My thoughts have certainly been preoccupied lately with the upcoming events of the story, and this may account for the trouble I had with Chapter 12. Perhaps if my thoughts had been more devoted to the work immediately before me, it all wouldn’t have been so troublesome. (Even so, it was nothing compared to rewriting those two chapters I lost in my hard drive crash.)

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