Chapter 12 is finally finished

I’ve finally put Chapter 12 of The Sleep of Reason to bed, and like a reluctant child who doesn’t want to go down for the night, this chapter stayed up far longer than I thought its appropriate bed time.

It comes in at 6,500+ words, which seems about right now that I’ve finished the first draft. I had intended to do more in the closing quarter of the chapter, but as I reflected on it, this was making thing happen too fast in terms of the motivation and understanding of the protagonist. In other words, I know what he still has to do, but he doesn’t, so I won’t have him pursuing it until it dawns on him to do so. And it will rather quickly in the coming chapters.

I’m well past the introductory work of the tale. The stages are all set (and in the case of this story, that is literally true), and all of the characters have made their appearances. I’ll have just one more character to introduce, and she is not significant to the plot (at least as I currently understand it, but the plot of this novel has been revealing itself to me coyly). She is merely intended to fill the space of another character who leaves the story. Her appearance suggests a continuation of the tale after my telling is over, which I’ve always thought was a sign of a story with suitable genesis, but it is not important that she fill the role. Any new character could.

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