Chapter 13 begins

I had no ambitious plans for my beginning work on Chapter 13 of The Sleep of Reason. My hope when I sat down to it this morning was that I would get about 500 words down to establish the tone and set the stage for a couple of important developments to come later in the chapter.

When I was finished for the day (for the writing session actually), I had accumulated nearly 3,000 words. Much of it is dialogue, and while that can be devilishly difficult to get right, I think I have the bare bones of it in place. I can tinker with exact words when I revisit the draft. The conversation is between two men who are not equals. My protagonist does not realize this, though, and takes the words of the other at face value, giving himself a sense of pride and loyalty to the man who is actually leading him to his doom. There is a delicate balance I want to achieve between the two in this conversation, and I have no illusions that I’m there yet. This part of the chapter will merit some serious reworking.

I consider this to be only about half of what the chapter needs to do, and after a little transition work, I intend to start down the road of the second half next.

The doom my character ultimately meets is of his own doing. He is a free man who makes a free choice. The second half of this chapter is where he begins to get himself in the situation in which he makes his fateful choice. He is blinded by his pride and loyalty, but it is still a choice he makes. It is not made for him. (Nor is it made in this chapter. That’s at least two chapters hence.)

So in all, this is a good start into the last third of the novel.

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