Chapter 14 begins

I’ve made adequate progress on Chapter 14 of The Sleep of Reason. I have about 1,500 first-draft words set down and they set up what is going to come next while quietly echoing the state of the protagonist (though he isn’t aware of the parallel yet).

This chapter departs a bit in tone from the rest of the story telling. Much of what has come before takes place in the mind of the protagonist/narrator. There is some action but no more than necessary to get to the next reflective passage. Chapter 14, on the other hand, is nearly all action, and some of it is going to be violent (at least violent in comparison to what has come before).

My protagonist is about to place himself in trouble, big trouble, but he doesn’t realize it. In fact, he won’t realize it when he is in it. Or better stated, he will consider himself immune from the consequences of what he has done for various reasons. And it is this sense of impunity that will drive him ’round the corner of common sense and into the tragedy of the story.

It’s all been set up already in the story thusfar told, but I hope that I’ve been subtle enough to escape the reader’s initial attention. The next couple of chapters will be the payoff for all of that set up, and that will spell out what I’ve been oh-so-cleverly building toward in the preceding dozen or so chapters.

At least that’s what I hope I’m achieving. Writing can be a truly myopic activity.

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