Sleep creeps – revisited

Early last fall I wrote a post to this blog about the slow progress I was making on Chapter 7 of The Sleep of Reason. I titled the post “Sleep Creeps.” In the ensuing months, this has become the most visited post on this humble blog.

For a long time — most of the life of this blog until recently — the most visited entry was the “about” page, which was a little embarrassing since it was out of date until I revised it recently. Then “Sleep Creeps” surged to the fore, having more than double the number of views. That is a short post with not a lot to say in the way of insight or provocative opinion. I was at a loss as to why this post garnered so much interest.

Until I did a Google search on the term. It turns out that this term is the name of a band somewhere. It’s also the name of an “adult entertainment” site.

Well, welcome to Lucky Rabbit’s Foot, those of you who found yourself here. I hope you find something you enjoy (though it is probably quite different from what you began looking for).

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