Chapter Fourteen continues

I’m making slow but satisfactory progress on the writing of Chapter 14 of The Sleep of Reason. It’s one of those hinge chapters: everything before feeds into it, and everything after grows from it. Because of this, I have been jumping back in the narrative to see just what I said before to ensure that what I write now agrees with it (or in some cases, rewriting what was done before to make it match the story as it is evolving). So I’m spending a lot of writing time doing rewriting, which is fine and necessary, but the “fresh” writing is slowed. In the last week I’ve only managed about 1,000 new words in the story. Nonetheless, I think they are the right words, and once they are firmly in place, the remainder of the chapter should flow more easily.

Beginning in this chapter, the plot takes off in its final direction. It is a change from the more measured, sedate action that has come before. The protagonist is less a man of reflection and now one of more action — fateful action, foolish action, but willful action too. That last is the key. For this story to remain true to the traditional tragic form, the protagonist must make a free choice. And that’s what I’ll have him do.

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