Chapter 14 is finished

And there is much rejoicing. This chapter of The Sleep of Reason has taken an unreasonably long time to complete. At least it seems that way. According to my notes, I started it exactly a month ago, and I guess that’s not so long for one whole chapter of a novel. The word count comes in at just under 5,000, but I’ve noted before that I try not to use chapter word count as a yardstick of anything. (I expect chapter content to fluctuate by several hundred words at least in the rewrite.)

It’s a good chapter. (They’re all good chapters.) It gets a few important things done, including setting the protagonist irrevocably on the slippery slope of his coming doom. There’s also a little “action,” at least as much action as this story calls for. And it finally brings into play the last major character of the story. (I think there’s one more to come, but she’s not a major character.)

The only accounting I can give for why this chapter had taken me so long (aside from being slain for a week with a head cold and, well, sloth) is that I have strayed from my chapter synopsis pre-writing that had proven so successful in the past.

I’m not sure why I didn’t do that for this chapter. I suspect it is because I am now in the end game (if 20,000+ words still to be written can be considered the end game of novel writing), and I feel as though I have the remaining story all in my head. It may also be something I’ve touched on in an earlier post: I am getting exhausted with writing this story. It’s not that I no longer like the story. I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever come up with and I don’t begrudge one second of the time it’s taken to write. Rather, I think I’m just impatient to be done with this first draft. I’ve been at it a long time, and I can see the finish line. Plus I’m finding all sorts of plot and character ideas for other stories popping into my head lately. I take that as a sign that part of me is ready to move on.

Well, I think I have at least four more chapters to write, so I’ll still have myself to kick around a while longer.

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