“Night Train to Kisumu”

Allow me to crow a little bit. My short story “Night Train to Kisumu” is up over at Wanderings Magazine. You can go straight to the story here.

I mentioned in an earlier post that this was based on an actual train trip I took in Kenya several years ago. The characters are changed a little bit, but the facts of the narrative are pretty close to my experience.

I’ve always liked this story, liked it enough to keep shopping it around while most of my other short stories just languish. I probably shouldn’t do that, but there are very few that I think are actually ready to go. And then comes the problem of finding a magazine that’s likely to be interested.

I’ve had some luck using Duotrope’s Digest. I’ve placed a couple of stories through here, and it looks as though they get fresh markets regularly.

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3 Comments on ““Night Train to Kisumu””

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  2. Brian Keaney Says:

    It’s a very good story. I like the way the sense of place is so powerfully evoked and the contrast between the traveller’s expectations and the reality they encounter.

  3. Catherine Says:

    I really enjoyed reading your story. You capture the vivid and harsh reality of Africa’s landscape/life so well. It brought back memories although I must confess I’ve never been on a train journey in Africa.

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